Art Appreciation Course Reviews

Timothy Andrew Jubb

Sydney, NSW

Five years into my quest to learn to paint, I found myself lacking a foundation of understanding of the history of art. I discovered The Art Institute through a fortuitous Google search, and I can honestly say the experience has been enriching and did just what I had hoped.

My work (not in the art world, unfortunately!) takes up a lot of my time and energy, so I made use of the full two years to complete the course and found it provided the perfect framework for an amazing journey of exploration, accompanying the 12 modules with further reading of relevant artist biographies and visits to art galleries.

The modules are informative, well written and updated, and give plenty of scope for going into more depth online or through the reading/watching lists provided. The written assignments are challenging but really push you to do your research and then distil your findings into a few concise paragraphs, and the constant feedback from your tutor helps you to to develop your writing, research and thinking skills throughout.

If you are reading this, you are clearly interested, so as long as you are not scared of the commitment, I thoroughly recommend you take the plunge today. You will not regret it!


John Palmer

Perth, Australia

Great content, pleasantly challenging and useful, and effective feedback from tutors.

As a person not working in the creative industries, the twelve modules provided me with insights and stimulation that, as a meagre art collector, I now have a body of acquired knowledge to guide my way forward. I certainly will do some volunteer work in the arts industry.

Do not be shy to have a go if your work background, experience and qualifications are not in the creative industries. Good luck!!

Jill Underdown

Mapleton, QLD

I loved this course and have learned such a lot... enough to know that there is so much more to know! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it.

I feel that I have learned a great deal but that there is so much more to learn! I now have favourite artists who before were completely unknown to me. I am discovering lost Matisse's every week at charity shops! I get a real buzz reading the arts news and tips from Bonhams and cruising online art auctions. The art world is vast, and I am just setting sail.

The lives of the artists, the times in which they live, their affiliations and ambitions are what have shaped the world today. Fascinating reading and up-to-the-minute, brilliantly laid out modules with further references, links, and video clips from art professionals highly experienced in their respective fields.

My tutor Professor Stephen Farthing was constantly encouraging and genuinely engaged with my assignments. Thank you, Stephen, for your time and involvement with this enterprise, and all the best to you too. I would be quite happy if anyone wishes to contact me directly via email.

What's next? Perhaps an art restoration course, the most closely-guarded magic! Thank you!

Deborah Keats

Julia Creek, QLD

Living remotely, this art course was the only one I could find that I could complete online. The help of our local library and the Internet assisted me with the additional reading required to help complete each module.

I thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive modules, which helped me gain a better understanding of the history of art.

My tutor marked the modules quickly and gave encouraging constructive feedback. I found that having 'word limits' for the answers for each module helped me retain the information from each period of art due to the time it took when re-reading and condensing my answers. It was also enlightening to discover how history influenced so many art movements.

I would highly recommend this course.



Fiona George

Castlereagh, NSW

The course has given me the opportunity to take my time with each module and assignment to complete.

I am grateful with the support from my Tutor and the Support Staff with any questions that I may of had.

I would recommend the course to the hobbyist who wishes to gain more insight into the History of Art, or whom, that may want to be employed to work within the industry

Good luck to all.

Maria Isabel Gonzalez

Sydney, NSW

This Art Appreciation Course had a huge impact on my ways of seeing Art.

It helped to fill in the gaps in history knowledge, and through my Tutor's guidance, the course challenged me into art writing, research and understanding the different eras of art history.

My art practice had been improved upon as well. Highly recommended!



Vasanth Rao

Sydney, NSW

It is a known fact that to design the future, we need to know our past. This course has provided me some genuine inputs thereby answering some of my long pending questions in Art. All the modules are well designed with smooth flow of information through right stages.

The tutors are very supportive and informative. I would highly recommend art students, art lovers, art buyers, Art supporters/sponsors to take up this course to have a first hand information of Art. Cheers!

Vicki Anne Harrold

Eastwood, NSW

I was delighted to discover The Art Institute, offering a course in Art Appreciation, whilst searching the internet. I had been looking for an art course for some time but there were no equivalent courses available locally, so this online course presented a great opportunity for me to fit study into a busy lifestyle. The fees are very reasonable, particularly compared to other online courses, and the enrolment and payment processes were straightforward. My designated tutor was wonderful and readily available, marking assignments promptly and giving me constructive feedback.

This course has truly opened my mind as to how to view art in a non-judgmental manner. My appreciation of a work of art is no longer just “do I like it or not?” I find I am now able to identify and understand many different aspects of a work, including the time period and movement to which it belongs, techniques and media, style and themes, and how it fits within the context of the timeline of Western civilisation.  The studies include looking at contributing factors that have shaped the evolution of art and its intrinsic relationship to religious, political, technological and sociological developments.

The course material is well presented and easy to read, and inspires further research. I have enjoyed every module and have taken the time to immerse myself in each step along the way, spending lots of extra time visiting galleries and art auctions.

Thank you to The Art Institute for guiding me through the centuries – this has been a very rewarding experience!

John Patone

Kew, VIC

As a recent retiree, the Art Appreciation course has been a real lifesaver. It has been an intellectual and stimulating ride. I have not only gained an extensive knowledge of art but also of how the various artists expressed their views of the world in which they lived. I have learnt how art has helped shape and reinforce a culture’s identity with its spiritual, traditional and political thinking.

The various and extensive modules were not only inspiring but also thought-provoking. They steer the student to further reading and research on the assignments to give responses that may not have been comprehensively covered in the course. My tutor, Stephen Farthing, encouraged me to think “outside the square” and to not always agree with the critics. His positive criticisms and advice encouraged me to stick to the word count and to answer the questions in a clear and specific way.

I believe that I have achieved an understanding of art, not only for its appeal but also for its intent, its emotive undertones and how artists, throughout time, have experimented with various styles, from the traditional to the abstract, to make their artistic statements.

The course is a fascinating and comprehensive journey of art history, from the Primitive to Modern times. I could not recommend the course offered by The Art Institute more highly. Thank you for giving me an inspirational introduction to art appreciation. I cannot wait to explore it further and to see where it will take me.

Mr Andrew John Lyle

Kilburn, SA

A very well conducted course. Support from Professor Stephen Farthing fantastic. Constructive positive statements at all times and a quick turn around so no long waits for getting results.

Student support are there to help along the way and provide quick helpful advice.

Take the plunge and do the course!

Annette Buchanan

Hobart, TAS

I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment this journey has taken me on. Right from the start Libby (my tutor) has been so very welcoming and encouraging, and her professional guidance has inspired me greatly.

I didn't have any clue that I could possibly complete this amazing challenge, but the feeling of support is always there, and Libby's informative appraisals that respond in detail to my efforts certainly made me look forward to each new module with growing confidence. I'm in total (and appreciative) awe at the speed of turnaround for each assignment marking - thank you - and the same goes for any administrative question I've asked of the AI team. You have made this challenge friendly and exciting.

I'm enjoying still feeling very much a part of the AI social family, and really look forward to your posts. They make my day complete.

Thank you.

Karen Chugg

Inverloch, VIC

The Art Institute course allowed me to research and write during hours that suited me. Living in rural Victoria I did not have to travel to the city for lectures, however Student Support and my Tutor responded quickly when I sought their advice.

The quality and quantity  of information and examples, for each module was excellent and captured concisely the developments in art through the centuries, while inviting interest to more extensively research influences, styles and other artists in more depth. When unexpected family crisis struck delaying final completion of the course, both  my Tutor and Student Support were available, responsive and understanding. The course was pitched at a level which was challenging, thereby enhancing a sense of satisfaction on completion, value for money, and certainly, greater knowledge. It will serve me well in the future and in my artistic pursuits. Given the compelling content and having hardcopy of all modules, I will read the entire course once more for pure enjoyment.

Sophie Mill

Newcastle, NSW

I am an Artist and Author and presently I work as an Art tutor for an elite private girls school in Sydney.

This course has given me insight to myself plus insight into the deeper world of language and communication.

I am extremely happy I did this course and I can recommend it to anyone wanting to add to their already love of art.

Richard Yaxley

Brisbane, QLD

I highly recommend the Art Appreciation course offered by The Art Institute. This is a comprehensive, stimulating course which takes you on a journey of empowerment through the history and development of Western Art. But it's more than that; an exploration of the people, an expose of the politics, and a chance to deconstruct the works that changed the world and the movements that sculpted our thinking. It's also a great opportunity to reflect on your own view of art and articism; how and why creativity both benefits and shapes our society.

The course materials are of a very high standard, the assignments are relevant and often deliciously provocative, the tutors provide outstanding support and the process is simple, effective and efficient. Most significantly, the course makes you think; to move beyond blanket appreciation or criticism towards a level of discernment and rationalisation that is enriching and rewarding.

Aileen Hubbard

Rockhampton, QLD

The Art Appreciation course was a very positive learning experience for me. It was good to be able to work and learn at my own pace. I had plenty of time to do the assignments, which were very thought-provoking. The modules contained a lot of valuable information and were put together exceptionally well, interesting and easy to understand.

My tutor was amazing, made some excellent suggestions to help me, and suggested some extra books and readings on the subject that might interest me. My assignments were always returned to me very quickly with positive comments and encouraging words.

I learnt about many other things as well as art while doing this course. I am so very pleased I took the time and effort to do this for myself.

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